MR. MAGIC is none other than George C. Jones, a veteran top-flight professional magician. He has delighted audiences of all ages for 50 years and continues to provide the kind of entertainment that has made magic into an art form.

His magical inventions have baffled top magicians the world over. It’s this kind of award winning magic, along with his humor and superb showmanship, that has brought him acclaim as one of the world’s foremost magicians and illusionists.

Mr. Magic has made many appearances on top television programs including the late Ed Sullivan show. He produced and directed his own television show, The Mr. Magic Show in 1985 on channel 7 cable, Savannah Ga. He appeared in the motion picture The Gingerbread Man. These appearances have made him a nationally known personality.

Mr. Magic is a long time member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians the world’s greatest magic society, Order of Merlin status.


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BIRTHDAY PARTIES: Each show is customized based on the age of the birthday child. Special attention is given to the birthday child, we use their name as the magic word and they participate in the show. They receive a Birthday card from Mr. Magic and a certificate suitable for framing to show that they participated in the show. Things appear and disappear right before their eyes, including a live white dove named Happy. And each child present will receive coloring picture of Mr. Magic to color and a free BALLOON SCULPTURED ANIMAL of their choice, made right in front of them! It’s a memory they will fondly recall for years to come. Perfect for parties of 5 to 30.

COMPANY PARTIES: A complete family show with comedy and audience participation. Family fun, excitement, mystery, and entertainment every step of the way. Long after the food and refreshment have disappeared the one thing that will be with your employees is the fun and excitement of the magic show. And each child present will receive a free balloon sculptured animal of their choice, made right in front of them!. A magic presentation that will make your party special and memorable to your employees, their families and guests.

LIBRARY SUMMER READING PROGRAMS: Now is the perfect time to start planning and booking performers for this year’s summer reading program. As a children's librarian, I am sure you'll agree that getting children to pick up a book and read is not an easy task. Between television, radio and video games, children have little desire to go to the library and explore what awaits them in the pages of a book. The Mr. Magic show has Lots of Audience Participation While Entertaining and Promoting the Importance of Reading. Study after study has proven that kids really do retain more when they are having fun! Mr. Magic offers a fun, entertaining and educational program that will pack your library and help to make your summer reading club a huge success. Your top readers will receive a reading certificate and all of the children will receive a book marker.

SCHOOL EVENTS: Mr. Magic offers a fun, entertaining and educational program that is motivational, inspirational, and helps to raise the children's self-esteem. You get more than just a magic show. You get an award-winning magician talking with the children about the "Real Magic" in life -- the ability to be and do anything they want. Our shows are flexable and can be tailored for School Assemblies, Award Days, Fall Festivals and Fundraising Events. You don't have to do any work! We bring everything we need, including our own tables and sound system, so there is nothing for you to do and nothing for you to worry about. It's that easy! For your Fundraising Events please check our illusion show.

GRAND OPENINGS AND PROMOTIONAL: Any of our show can be custom-made to fit these needs. For entertaining your costumers as they arrive or leave please check out our close up show.

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